MYR and Commercial Marine




6135 engine

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Installation by MYR

In order to achieve optimum performance from your John Deere Marine product, it should be installed in the correct way. John Deere gives standards to achieve the optimum installation looking at reliability, safety and performance. At Multnomah Yacht Repair we follow these standards and, John Deere requires a factory trained dealer to certify the installation is done properly.
















To keep your John Deere marine product in optimal condition as well as perfectly reliable, it is very important to perform proper maintenance. Whatever you need from your propulsion system, you can rely on Multnomah Yacht Repair and the John Deere marine network.

Service & Maintenance by MYR


Our highly trained marine mechanics are dedicated to providing comprehensive, all-year engine care and service, ensuring peak performance and hassle-free operation. 

We are a complete installation, maintenance and repair facility, with rapid parts delivery support. Whatever you ask of your propulsion system, you can rely on the John Deere marine network. Total customer satisfaction is the watchword. And it has been so for more than 30 years.