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A Monterey Bay, California resident and Science Club President in high school, Shirley enjoyed boating, scuba diving and marine science. Upon graduation. Shirley attended the University of California Maritime Academy, earning an unlimited Coast Guard License to sail any tonnage ship in any ocean and a B.S. in Business Administration. During college, Shirley was the Scuba Dive Club President and coordinated dives in locations and ports she sailed to such as Hawaii, Tonga, Marshall Islands and Australia. Passionate about sailing, Shirley also raced weeknights with Benicia and Vallejo California Yacht Clubs as well as with the Cal Maritime Sailing Team.


After graduation, Shirley worked for American Trading sailing as 3rd Mate (licensed officer) aboard US flagged Oil Tankers, transporting crude oil, jet fuel, diesel, leaded and unleaded gasoline between various Alaska and California ports. When American Trading was acquired, Shirley came "shore side," and contracted with Nike, Inc.


While contracting at Nike, Shirley attended the University of Portland, majoring in finance, management and marketing and graduated with a Master in Business Administration. Upon graduation, Shirley and her husband Joe, purchased Multnomah Yacht Harbor and Multnomah Yacht Repair (formerly Lucky Landing) and she simultaneously accepted an Account Marketing Management position with Nike, working with their largest customer.


Over the years MYR began to grow into a thriving business and in 2005 it became clear that the business would benefit with Shirley on board full-time. During the summer of 2005, Shirley resigned from Nike, Inc. to join MYR full-time. Since then, Shirley has worked to improve processes, marketing and add additional crew that is needed to further grow this successful business.


* Boating for over 20 years

* A Maritime Professional for over 18 years

* Master License 100-Ton Oceans and 3rd Mate Unlimited Tonnage any Ocean

*Owner/Operator of MYR and MYH a full service facility for 7 years

Customer Service Oriented, Honest, Trustworthy and Respected

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon Joe was an Eagle Scout and an entrepreneur in High School, starting NW Yacht Service and Boat Detail as an after school job. Throughout school, Joe actively raced with the Willamette Sailing Club and worked at West Marine for 2 years, helping open the Delta Park store. Before graduating high school Joe had already owned three sailboats.


After high school Joe attended University of California Maritime Academy, graduating as 1st Electronics Officer with an Unlimited Coast Guard License to sail any tonnage ship in any ocean and a B.S. in Maritime Transportation. During school, Joe also sailed with the Cal Maritime Sailing Team, placing 1st in the San Francisco to Catalina Race and many others. He sailed to the South Pacific stopping at many ports including Tonga, Australia, and the Marshall Islands.


After graduation, Joe worked for ARCO Marine as 2nd Mate aboard US flagged Oil Tankers including the largest US Flagged vessel at 1100 ft long and 176 ft beam, transporting Crude Oil between Alaska and California as well as working as Port Captain in Bellingham, Washington. During this time Joe transited the Panama Canal over 15 times and made voyages to the Far East including China and Korea. When British Petroleum acquired ARCO Marine in 2000, Joe had logged over 1275 days at sea and made the decision to "go shore side."


In September 2000, Joe and his wife Shirley purchased Multnomah Yacht Harbor and Yacht Repair (formally Lucky Landing). Today, Multnomah Yacht Repair has grown into a thriving business, hauling and repairing over 500 vessels from 14 - 75 feet and employing 5+ full-time employees.


* Boating for over 30 years

* A Maritime Professional for over 15 years

* Master License 1600-Ton Oceans

* Owner and Operator of MYR a full service facility for 7 years

* Experience with hauling and repairing vessels from 14-75 feet